In Japan, Izakaya is the place where sake is consumed; these places are as ancient as the epoch of Samurais and were developed by the sake producers in order to promote their rice beverages. Today’s Izakaya is a popular place in the main Japanese cities. The concept appeared in Paris ten years ago thanks to Toshiro Kuroda and had the name of Izakaya Issé.


Since last year, this temple of Sake has in Patrick Duval, an expert on Japanese gastronomy, a new owner and a new dynamic too. Izakaya is of course the place to taste genuine sake –a rice wine with 10 to 16º served cold or hot- and a variety of Japanese specialties like sashimi, sunomono, tempura or sushi. Chef Terutaka Izumi is in charge of this exquisite cuisine.

Two big news for Izakaya Issé. The first one concerns the arrival of the excellent whiskeys brewed by Suntory in Japan in order to complete the menu. Sold under the popular Japanese system “bottle keep” in which the client buys a bottle and keeps it at the restaurant for future occasions, it is possible to palate multi-honored whiskeys like Hibiki, Yamazaki and Hakushu.


The second big news is the opening of a tatami salon to recreate with a mama-san, the typical Japanese hostess, the authentic way of food eating in this ancestral country. The site is called Salon Ozu, a site devoted to the film director Yasujiro Ozu who did famous films like Tokyo story and Early Summer, and a film devoted entirely to the art of sake An Autumn afternoon. Either alone or in group, Izakaya Issé is a new satellite on the important orbit of Japanese cuisine.

Izakaya, 45 Rue de Richelieu, 75001 Paris. Tel: 01 42 96 26 60.

More info: http://www.izakaya-isse.fr