Spa My Blend at Royal Monceau-Raffles

by Abdón FLORES

When it comes to high level beauty products and treatments there is a brand that always pops up as a symbol of quality: Clarins. The French brand has a reputation built along the years not only by doing innovative R&D and being at the vanguards, but also by interacting closely with all those women that have trusted Clarins since the beginning. This synergic collaboration has proven to be correct: by listening to women’s needs, Clarins has enriched their lives and developed one of the most successful and admired company. Clarins, for the love of women…

Nowadays Clarins has grown into a multinational company whose motto “With Clarins, life is more beautiful” gives us the essence of what actually this company is. It was founded in 1954 by ´who had a holistic vision for the business of beauty. Along 60 years, the so many products and treatments have crystallized in a new adventure for the brand: the so called Spa My Blend.


These spas are exclusive not because there are few of them but because of their dedicated, tailored treatments and products the client can only find in these luxurious yet calm and relaxing temples of beauty and well being. In Paris, where the firm was born, there are a couple: one in the recently opened Molitor, and the other one, designed by Philipp Starck, located in the Royal Monceau-Raffles, a “total Starck” installation where even the glasses where you drink have the sign of the most prolific French designer ever.

Mr. Starck had in mind a place with no gravity, a site where one can wander into the lightness in order to purify oneself upon achieving the spa experience. This white paradise was born over a surface of 1,500 m², a reign of white walls, Venetian mirrors, veils and stainless steel whose purpose is no other but relaxation. The complex has a pristine piscine of 23 m –the longest in any Parisian palace–, a Watsu pool, a lounge with cozy coaches, a detoxy bar with seasonal products. There is a humid area, one for men and one for women, comprising a hamman, sauna, laconium and a surprising sensorial shower where you can bath emulating a tropical storm, for instance.


Through the looking glass, paraphrasing Lewis Carroll, would be a suitable analogy to describe Spa My Blend at Royal Monceau-Raffles. Specially while in the pool, whose middle part has a transparent ceiling ruffled by water, and in the dressing room whose lockers are made of mirrors reproducing ad infinitum any image.

Now, in any spa a key feature is the proposed treatments. And here is the reason why the Royal Monceau-Raffles chose Clarins to run its notable spa. The vision of Dr. Olivier Courtin-Clarins was that every skin is different, like every genetic code is; so, treatments ought to respond to every skin needs according to age and lifestyle. The line My Blend created by Dr. Courtin-Clarins has over 100 mixtures and 400 night/day personalized combinations created by a Beauty Therapist in situ. At the core of My Blend products there is the so called Cell Synergy anti–ageing complex, a blend of 3 unique peptides that facilitate skin inter–cellular communication, enhance its natural defense and convey skin regeneration.


To tune up the right skin approach Clarins has developed My Skin Diag, a Clarins’ software whose algorithm combined with information such lifestyle and habits, helps the Beauty Therapist to create the most precise blend for a client. Now, another plus, a privilege, of the Spa My Blend, is the technique for the treatment. The method is 100% manual, with precise, ancient movements that are the right ones so the skin can absorb in the better way the products applied on it. Composed of three steps, its aim is to relax, revitalize and regenerate the body. The protocol can last either 90 or 60 minutes and, among the substances that it implies are such surprises as the blue orchid essence dispersed in oil, celosia extract and even cherry tree leaves extract.



The Spa My Blend at RM was voted best spa in 2012 in the Virtuoso “Best of the best” Awards, the leading international luxury travel agency network. The jury justified its choice by quoting that “the hotel spa offers the most alluring environment for rest and rejuvenation, creative and therapeutic treatments, and highly skilled and knowledgeable therapists.” By visiting the place one can feels that in three years since this verdict was issued, the Spa My Blend has maintained the standards by which it was elected the best spa in the world.

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday: 6:30–22:00; Sundays: 7:30–20:30.


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