Perlanesse – Bio cosmetics

by Abdón FLORES

Perlanesse is a new brand in the field of high luxury cosmetics. Launched by Bimont Laboratories, the main feature of these bio certified cosmetics is their composition since they utilize a couple of peculiar ingredients that haven’t been used together: nacre extract and donkey milk. The mother of pearl in powder helps to cell renewal while donkey milk –the most similar of all mammals’ milk to the human milk– has hydrating and nourishing properties.

Perlanesse, whose name is actually formed by the names in French of the two core ingredients, is a brand devoted to anti ageing. The exclusive line comprises an enhancing day cream, an eye contour cream, a night serum and a divine night cream; and a so called “glamorous cream”. Each product has a name of Japanese origin symbolizing the spirit of it: Keimi (day cream) means “rooster’s call”; Ikken (eye cream) means “the sight”; Shin’ya (night cream) means “into the night”; and Yume (night serum) conveniently means “the dream”.


For the day products the fragrance is lotus while for the night ones it is the subtle yet transcendental cotton flower. Another specificity of Perlanesse high standard cosmetics is the proper and almost immediate results. With the concept of “beauty in advance”, Bimont laboratories have made an enormous effort in terms of R&D to combine state of the art molecules with Bio actives in order to accomplish a synergy capable of rendering beauty measurable in three stages: immediate, 24 hours and 28 days.


The line is available in premium pharmacies, most luxury hotels having a SPA, beauty institutes and directly at the brand’s website.