Rochas Fall 2016

Alessandro Dell’Acqua has just presented his Fall 2016 collection for Rochas. He simplified the structure and lessened the traditional decorative polyphony of the brand to an airy, fresh, meticulous, almost muted score.

Silk crepe, chiffon, sigaline convey lightness and transparency. This is the basis of T-shirt style shift dresses. The abstract theory of ruches, frills, darts, and ruffles are designed onto a neutral surface. On the other hand, Japanese wool and cashmere double create heavy substantial coats with a bold presence. They are the counterpoint to gain harmony.



The colours become bold and exaggerated. Every piece, every accessory is designed with an aesthetic quality that requires neither interpretation nor speculation but simply lightness. It is the search for beauty resulting from desire over thought. Even in the shoes we can find this commitment. They are metric punctuation, steps that define the rhythm. Made either of satin with a high platform or of velvet with embroidered flowers found also on the dresses and gloves.




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