Artya – 3 Gongs Minute Repeater

The new 3 Gongs Minute Repeater, Regulator & Double Axis Tourbillon is a first for Artya and for the watch industry. Its creator, Yvan Arpa, was inspired by the exceptional sound of the Bo Diddley 1959 Gretsch guitar. He designed a unique case to amplify the sound and show off the movement, the mainplate of which looks like the Gretsch guitar. The sapphire back of the watch even has a space-expanding bubble in the crystal to add to the volume of the sound, and to allow the tourbillon to turn on its second axis.



The tourbillon actually is very complex since it turns on two axes: it rotates in 60 seconds in one axis and in 30 seconds in the other axis. The cage of the tourbillion is comprised of 50 parts using ten different materials to make it light yet strong enough for the operation. Two barrels power the watch, one for the movement and one for the minute repeater. The first barrel is big, as the double axis tourbillon requires a great deal of energy to operate, while the barrel for the minute repeater is smaller, and the spring is charged when the slide is activated.


close up.jpg


The minute repeater has three gongs: one to let the customer know that the minute repeater chiming system is engaged, one for the hours, one for the minutes and the two striking together for the quarter hours. With 64 hours of power reserve, 46 jewels, ArtyOr & Titanium case and a price of 480’000 CHF, this piece is a must.




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