Chateau Hôtel Vault de Lugny

by Abdon FLORES

A new season is imminent for Chateau Hôtel Vault de Lugny. 2016 is an important year for this luxury hotel in the centre of Bourgogne, since it will celebrate its 30th anniversary. So, from March 18th and until late October the gates will be open to stay in an exclusive location. The hotel saw the day under the rule of Pascal and Élizabeth Bourzeix in 1987. It was born as a 4 stars facility but due to appropriate reforms it conquered its fifth star in 2010. Nowadays this majestic hotel has 14 rooms and one suite. The cosiness of them is just as agreeable as its convenience and amplitude. In Vault de Lugny one really senses a different and unique life style.





Room’s décor give the idea of inhabiting an ancient palace. Just by holding the key, attached to a bronze horned lion, one can sense the atmosphere of middle ages. Every stance has a name, Jadeïte, Nevers, Fontennoy, La reine… and each has an own spirit and ambiance, like the room called Le roi whose canopy bed has a ceiling with galactic constellations and where French controversial writer Michel Houellebecq has stayed and immortalized the room in his novel La carte et le territoire. The furniture, the carpets, the fancy wallpapers and smart duvets combine together to exult in style and emphasize the important given in France to the art de vivre.



Vault de Lugny is certainly an exclusive place for those wishing to hide from the world. But the hotel is far from being a hermit’s site. The interior piscine, once awarded as a best piscine in France, was built in a former cellar using Bourgogne stone –a rarity nowadays– to give a charming and elegant touch. There is also a bar and a Jacuzzi that can be privatized to organize venues and parties. For those who like tennis, a tennis court is available; and for those who like riding it’s possible to get horses and discover the chateau domain comprising more than 40 acres of the Parc de Morvan.




Since Vault de Lugny is in the countryside, nature is a strong attribute in the hotel’s offer. The garden in front of the chateau has a botanical treasure surveying the property: a 365 years plane tree, a so said “remarkable tree of France” measuring 42 m and whose convoluted branches form a vegetal sculpture. A flock of guinea cocks and a splendid peacock patrol the grass adorning it with their feathers. Also, in a grassy area behind the chateau, there is a herd of Walachian rams whose horizontal horns and puffy bodies impress and impose. Fishing is possible in the river Le cousin where you can find trout, pike and perch; your fish can actually be cooked for you the same day.



King of the kitchen, and a main figure in the chateau, is the chef from Mauritius Franco Bowanee. His peculiar knowledge and reinterpretation of French dishes will delight those exigent palates always looking for something else. The duck and sea fruits are a plus, though every single dish has a secret to render. Important to note: all the products are fresh and natural, many of them collected in the vegetables garden or in the chicken coop for instance. In summer time a picnic service is proposed; in the autumn it’s possible to organize a truffle search with the help of Dubble, a Lagotto Romagnolo which is the truffle dog of the house. Sweet time is assured by Mauritius chef pâtisière Karina Laval, an artist in terms of composing and adorning deserts and sweets.



A visit to Bourgogne will always lack something if wine is not involved. The chateau Vault de Lugny has a rather well furnished wine cellar with big name wines from great producers: Romanée-Conti, Mouton Rotschild, Pétrus, Chateau d’Yquem, you name it. For those interested in this so French speciality, a Bourgogne wine tasting is proposed with different options. Ace in this part of Bourgogne, Chardonnay grape is mainly present in the white wines like those produced by local cellar Henry de Vézeley whose offer includes 4 white wines, 3 red (Pinot noire), 2 cremants and the rare liquor style Ratafia made of Chardonnay and bottled in the chateau. All the wines and other articles can be bought at the chateau boutique.

The Hotel Chateau Vault de Lugny is an ideal destination either on weekend or a longer stay. Near are Vezeley and Fontennay, towns classified as World heritage by the UNESCO and many other sites like Chablis. But if privacy is the main concern, seclusion is assured since the chateau has been chosen by many VIP guests due to the efficiency and comfort it offers. As coming by helicopter is not unusual, there is a site to land, as well as a convenient parking space that can accommodate up to 10 vehicles. The chateau can be privatized for up to 40 people. Note that Vault de Lugny is open from mid March until early November.




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