Guy Bourdin: The Portraits

April 2016 will see a Guy Bourdin exhibition on the legendary Studio des Acacias, a famous space where leading photographers Irving Penn and Richard Avedon have worked. Guy Bourdin shot several of his photography projects at this studio, which was given a new lease of life in 2014 by French entrepreneur and media mogul Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers, becoming Studio des Acacias by Mazarine.


1 - Chapeau Choc, Fe_üvrier 1955R

Chapeau Choc, February 1955.


“Guy Bourdin: The Portraits” is a collection of the most personal works ever shown to the public in Paris since the artist’s death in 1991. It showcases rare works produced between 1950 and 1980. This exhibition features over 150 photographs shot by the artist that are both intimate and personal. Early black and white photographs –greatly influenced by Surrealism but little-known– stand alongside Bourdin’s more iconic, timeless photographs. A special showcase of personal Super-8 films shot by the artist completes the collection.



The exhibition was curated by the eminent historian Shelly Verthime, and was organised in collaboration with The Guy Bourdin Estate and Louise Alexander Gallery. It will run from April the 2nd through the 30th.


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