Dinners and Movies

by Abdon FLORES

For the second year in a row, mk2 and Chef Jean Imbert (Top Chef 2012 winner) cooperate to produce the Jean Imbert Cinéma Club in the splendid Miss Cinéma at Palais de Tokyo. The concept is simple yet innovative: watching a cult movie while having a dinner made by this rising star of gastronomy, whose second passion are movie films.

The Miss Cinéma theatre is perfect for such an idea: it harbours 25 ample armchairs, upholstered in red velvet, equipped with a small table, footrest, and headrest; a main bar serves the venue. If last year edition it was Mr. Imbert who selected some of her childhood favorite movies, on this occasion there will be famous French actors and directors who will share their cult films with the audience.


JICC_3_© @HlenieR

Jean Imbert at the Miss Cinéma


The “cycle” starts on April 11th at 20:00 with a masterpiece by John Cassavetes, Husbands; movie director Guillaume Canet will be there to talk about his choice. Nine more sessions complete the program, attiring sessions like the one by Laetitia and Johnny Hallyday to comment Elia Kazan’s On the waterfront or to watch Hedwig and the Angry Inch in company of Marion Cotillard.


Film and dinner: 100 €, beverages included.

More info: www.mk2.com/evenements/jean-imbert-cinema-club

©Photo @HLenie