La Coupole renewed


by Abdon FLORES

La Coupole used to be the most famous Parisian brasserie in the World; it actually was a symbol of Montparnasse neighborhood. Already in 1935, post-impressionist painter Édouard-Léon Cortès immortalized this site in one of his works. Sanctuary and jewel of art nouveau architecture, it has recently been renewed to regain the charm and vibe it had aforetime.



La Coupole, Montparnasse, ca. 1935. Edouard-Léon Cortès.


The idea for the new Coupole is to become the brasserie where everybody gathers to enjoy the French art de vivre. Parisian citizens from around the world, from any social media, any age, and any gender can come and interact in this superb ambience. At La Coupole you can have breakfast (8:30-11:00), meal (12:00-14:30), tea time (15:00-18:00), drink a cocktail (non stop), dinning (19:00-23:00) and dancing.

The renovation has begotten two new venues. Bar Josephine is a champagne and cocktail bar with a lounge display and high stools, where an ample selection of drinks is offered. The new Tea salon is assorted with a huge selection of Mariage Frères teas and the sweets by the new pastry chef Benoît Weber. From 15:00 a pastry service is open: chou-chou vanilla exotique, sable Breton au citron, Xoai, Paris Brest à ma façón… are some of the patisserie to taste.



French food is the deal at La Coupole. Chef Vakhtang Meliava has a 45 people team to serve the 400 guests that the restaurant can accommodate. Fresh and seasonal products are the key to cook the dishes. The menu has been conceived around seven themes: the Classics Belle Epoque like onion soup or tartare de boeuf; the revisited meals, like foie gras de canard mi-cuit or the grilled bream; the Seasonal dishes renewed every 3 weeks; fresh and spectacular sea food; cheese table selected by Xavier Thuret, best French artisan on this domain; desserts by Benoît Weber; and a rather well assorted wine selection.



The dancing club is coming back too. A major attraction since La Coupole was inaugurated in 1927; this famous underground hall is open from Thursday through Sunday with a swinging program. Thursdays there is an Afterwork party (18:00-02:00); Fridays the Latina party seduces many people to dance salsa (21:30-late); Saturdays a Thematic party is happening; and Sundays a Gayfriendly party from 18:00 till midnight. Detailed program on

Director Stéphane Tendero knows the importance of good service. 150 people work in La Coupole to make of this place once frequented by Aragon, Cocteau, Picasso, Chagall, Hemingway, the place to be in the cosmopolitan Paris of nowadays.


La Coupole

102 Bd de Montparnasse

75014 Paris. 33 (0)1 42 20 14 20


Open from Tuesday through Sunday. Valet parking only the evenings (19:00-00:30)

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