Tourbillon de Tourbillons

During the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève there were around 72 watches competing in different categories, though all the watches could opt for the main prize, L’aiguille d’or, and for the Public prize. The choice of the public will always be meaningful, a predilection every brand wants to conquer. The 2015 edition saw the Tourbillon de Tourbillons by Antoine Preziuso Genève winning people’s preference.


The concept of this watch is as simple as bold is its achievement: it features three tourbillons on a revolving plate, which resonate like three hearts beating in unison. The tourbillon already defied the laws of gravity, now it plays with the laws of resonance. For this to happen, a central planetary triple-differential was conceived, the brain of the piece which distributes the energy to the mechanism. Due to its revolutionary design, the watch also won the Innovation Prize in Geneva.


côté sur fond blanc 300dpiR


Of course, all components are finished and assembled by hand; the plate and tourbillon bridges are made from titanium; the support columns, crown and horns of the GTS Power case are in solid 18ct gold. Manual winding and 48 hours of reserve for this striking piece by the rather young watch maker Antoine Preziuso. Price: 480,000 CHF.


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