the diane barrière spa

In these where luxury standards are rather high, there is no palace without a spa. So, in the most beautiful and luxurious hotel on la Croisette at Cannes, aka the Majestic Barrière, the Spa Diane Barrière by Clarins stands as a gem in a pristine ring. This bubble of well-being occupies 450 m² in the brand new west wing of the hotel. As other spas by Clarins it has splendid installations and state of the art products.



For instance, specialist options available include the essential CelluM6® package. These high-precision treatments, made by LPG®, a company whose reputation speaks for itself, remodel the body effectively and gently to remove cellulite, unsightly curves and signs of ageing.



Designed especially for the Majestic, the menu of facial and body treatments (for both men and women) combines professionalism, efficiency, high technology and pleasure, with programs which incorporate several care and modeling treatments to ensure an effective and wonderfully pleasurable experience. Modulated lightning and music can be set during the sessions.



The Spa Diane Barrière by Clarins is also a Fitness Centre with cardio and training equipment and group classes. Sauna, hamam, sensorial shower, relaxing area with a detox menu, are just other services of this spa which is in the same category as the Majestic: even above the five stars.





Open daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. More info:

Photos ©Fabrice Rambert.