Prêt-à-Couture Schiaparelli

The Constellation capsule –as part of 1946 Elsa Schiaparelli collection– anticipated modern ready-to-wear: 6 dresses, 1 reversible coat and 3 folding hats for less than 12 pounds that could be brought easily, anywhere. Today, Prêt-à-Couture is a subtle mix of that collection: perfect citywear peppered with quirkiness and precious details all synonymous with the Schiaparelli style.

Femininity and a free mind-set reveal the Schiaparelli spirit. Sensual materials, relaxed cuts and refined details soften the tension of impeccable masculine tailoring. A structured jacket is embellished with a shadow of embroidery or a winged padlock pocket. A neoprene and silk t-shirt is highlighted by an iridescent sun or an embroidered painting. Cashmere sweaters are spiced up with “exquisite corpses”playing with the Schiaparelli lexicon. Wonderful pieces for a near future season.




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