Chambers of the Curious

by Abdon FLORES

The Chambers of the Curious is a concept developed by the premium gin brand Hendrick’s, one of the best gins in the world according to gin lovers. It basically involves the creation of a dreamlike environment, like a Lewis Carroll story where a subconscious world emerges to please and surprise the guests. This particular story has a central ingredient: Hendrick’s gin.



The first Chambers of the Curious were created last September in Brussels. The concept was so successful that the brand decided to try it in Dublin before testing it in Paris, a city reputed for its skepticism and reluctance. Being France a country of wine, spirits will always be in a disadvantageous position here; though it must be said that new generations are aiming at new experiences in terms of drinking habits. Cocktails are probably the right angle to conquer this market.



The splendid Atelier Dorat, a hôtel particulier in the 3rd district of Paris, was the chosen place to develop the Parisian version of the Chambers. Sometimes words are not enough to accurately describe things, things like those in dreams that have a particular echo talking deeply to every one of us. Such is the case of the Chambers Paris version, a microuniverse composed by ancient mysteries but presented through state of the art technology.



Telekinesis, a chamber to prove the power of our minds; Soul Soundtrack, where we can use our brain as a music generator; Mentalist, unlike the TV series, this chamber is a mystery of hidden clues; and finally, a very technical area, the Ocular Cocktail Creator, an exposure of our subconscious. These four chambers were gathered around two motley bars where mixology was the attraction. Stuffed animals, alchemy, ancient objects, books -hundreds of them- flowers, music sheets and a je ne sais quoi scent of the times, made of this hypnagogic place a solid entrance of Hendrick’s in Paris.




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