Son of Sound Tourbillon

The two new Son of Sound Tourbillon, designed by Yvan Arpa and engineered by MHC, retain their unique aesthetic signature –a guitar-shaped case, patented by ArtyA. At six o’clock a flying tourbillon displays the passing seconds; at twelve lays the barrel with a fully redesigned bridge. The assembly is housed in a fully open-work X-shaped structure, inspired by the X-bracing used to support guitar bodies.

This structure houses the entire movement, allowing the Son of Sound Tourbillon to be hollowed out between each arm of the X. The watch is therefore literally transfused with light, revealing all the intricate details of its polished and satin finishes, and blending subtle shades of grey, black and gold. Retail price: 145,000 CHF for the Shining Star Tourbillon and 170,000 CHF for the Sun Tourbillon.



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