waiting for the sun

by Abdon FLORES

Created a few years ago, the French brand Waiting for the sun is a precursor of glasses with wooden frames which has become quickly known and appreciated. While we are still waiting for the sun in the hexagon, a couple of new models are about to appear. The first one is called Everest, a homage to the 50’s and the golden years of spectacular shades. These ones are unisex, and come in two versions: gold and black tinted oak or silver and mahogany tinted oak. List price: 140 €.


The other model is a collaboration with men’s ligerie brand Le Slip Français for the Euro 2016. The purpose is to present a 100% French made and designed frame. These unisex shades are handmade in a Jura atelier; frame is on bio-acetate and crystals are Carl Zeiss. List price: 160 €.



More info: www.waitingforthesun.fr