“Pink” by Lisa Roze

Détail1bis LéaSeydoux-SiteGalerieMCLisaRozePink

Léa Seydoux – detail

by Abdon FLORES

Lisa Roze is a French photographer who has been working on portraits mainly. Former assistant of Paolo Roversi, it’s not surprising that his work deals in a certain extent with fashion. From May the 26th she’s presenting in the gallery Mathias Coullaud a series of 30 portraits retouched by hand. Most of the models are French celebrities like Vanessa Paradis, Mélanie Laurent, Audrey Tautou, Léa Seydoux, but also international ones like Mariacarla Boscono or either Rosario Dawson.

The exhibition is called “Pink”, a rather ironic title to describe an atmosphere of maisons closes and decadence. Even if the images can deploy the romantic aura of a heroine, the truth was indeed different for those women living permanently in such places. Every photo is a unique piece that comes actually from an adapted 4×5 camera that delivers Polaroids. Ms. Roze decided to use out-of-date films to obtain a more dramatic atmosphere; moreover, she painted the prints by hand and applied gold film to enhance the drama. The full sequence is supposed to work as a script, a silent movie telling a sad, crude, yet esthetically beautiful story.

The exhibition will run from May 27th through July 9th; Tuesday-Saturday, 13-19 h.