Bercy by Robert Doisneau

by Abdon FLORES

Black and white photos of Paris are a classic; it’s almost sure that you have seen at least one in your life. Well, one of the photographers who recorded Paris through the 20th century in contrasted paper prints was Robert Doisneau (1912-1994), best known for one of the most emblematic, if not the most, pictures of Parisian life: The kiss.

A series of 30 frames will be exposed at Bercy Village from June the 2nd till October the 2nd. During four months these unique images will enlighten the Cour Saint-Emilion. The choice of the place was not arbitrary since they are pictures of Bercy in the 70’s when there was no mall but a series of wine storehouses. Created years after the French Revolution, Bercy wine market was for decades the most important in the world.



So, it is actually an historical testimony what Doisneau immortalized with his camera, the end of an era in this zone of Paris. There are two facets in the exhibition, years 74 and 76, when the wine market was living its last days; and years 87-88, when Doisneau returned to Bercy to discover an abandoned, decrepit place. The images have been kept by the Atelier Robert Doisneau and will face the public for the first time ever.


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