Black G vodka

Spirits are gaining adepts in a usually wine country like France. This trend is due mainly to the fact that French people love to experience when it comes to food and beverages; they won’t drink spirits straight but rather in a cocktail, and the most sophisticated it can be, the better. Thanks to this effervescence of mixology in the French Hexagon, Black G Vodka was born. Its main attribute? It is actually a caviar flavored premium vodka.


Of course caviar and vodka are two things that combine perfectly, so, why not put them together in one single product. Such was the idea of Black G creator, ex former football player Gaël Bonnel Sanchez. Five times distilled and made out of wheat, this vodka conveys the idea of “drinking caviar”. Now, like in most beverages, water is one of the key factors to distinguish the product.

Black G is prepared using water from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In fact, the main ingredients have both an ancient history since caviar comes from sturgeon, a prehistoric species that has been on the planet for around 200,000 years. Such a delicate combination deserved a rather special continent. Black G bottle is actually gold ingot shaped, a last statement to recall the quality of this premium vodka. Listed price: €59.

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