Rochas resort 2017

The Rochas Resort 2017 collection is out of the closet and it deals mainly with the concept of Tropic. The memory of an exotic flower, the souvenir of a voyage printed on clothes and accessories as if they were the pages of a newspaper, nothing really new there but it still works. Prints of palm leaves, orchids, hibiscus, jasmine and wild geraniums depict a jungle cut out against a backdrop of sky blue, lime yellow and night black.



Also, a series of more strict garments have dropped shoulders, bare backs, bows and drapes in the Rochas tradition but they become soft and almost liquid, melting over the figure in a more contemporary look. Fresh fabrics like poplin shine with immaculate white, as the double chiffons create the illusion of prints. The new Rochas can be defined as a grammar of the imagination that expresses the punctuation of a nonchalant modern elegance.



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