Quinton sea water


by Abdon FLORES

Sea water has been a fundamental factor for life on this planet. Diluted on it there are the key elements that made possible life in all the forms we know. It’s under this principle that Quinton Laboratories are using sea water to preserve health and contribute to the well being of the body. With a vast experience on this field (René Quinton began using his thalasso therapy around 1890), the firm is a central player on this promising field. The premise is one: damaged cells will heal due to sea water containing up to 78 elements; these elements are becoming scarce in the soil but not in the sea.




Now, water in the ocean there is plenty, but the experience has shown that the best one for therapy purposes flows at 20-30 m deep in a so called vortex. Plankton, phytoplankton and mineral concentration are the optimal there. The collected water is diluted with a spring water rich in silicon but low in other minerals. Then, the critical step: cold microfiltration which will preserve the healing activity of the water.


Two main drinkable forms are sold: isotonic (9% of sea water, pH 7.2) and hypertonic (33% of sea water, pH 8) to restore cell and body equilibrium. Both are helpful during a diet to restore the oligo-elements level. There is also a 21% sea water spray to take care of the skin, by easing the minerals exchange of the epidermis.


More info: www.laboratoiresquinton.com