Sweet Paris new collection

The new Sweet Paris collection has arrived. Jeweler designer of the brand, Sylvain Roy, has achieved an original redesign of the iconic Duo and Trio pieces with different diamond forms and sizes. Also, different kinds of gold are employed in this collection. White gold (palladium or platinum mixed with gold), pink gold (copper, silver and gold) and the classical yellow gold are the main materials of this minimalist brand par excellence.



The fashion side has been reinforced by choosing a new ambassadress for the brand. Photographer and French blogger Lyloutte symbolizes the “frenchy”, cool aspect that conveys the collection with an aura of young, revitalizing energy. Chic, elegant, yet casual with that “je ne sais quoi” characteristic of the Parisian woman, has now a concrete item with the new Sweet Paris collection.



More info: www.sweetparis.fr