Francesca dell’Oro Parfums

Francesca dell´Oro is a new perfume brand niched in the so called cult perfumes. According with the brand creator, these fragrances are to be “interpreted, elegant, unusual, and able to magnify the connection with one´s inner self.”  Even if the perfumes market might appear to be a large one, it´s actually rather difficult for a new fragrance to conquer the always mutable people´s olfactory preference. But Francesca and her eponymous brand have some arguments to seduce the clients.


FDO fragranzeT


The concept behind Francesca dell´Oro is the one of an artistic olfactory laboratory, i.e. to develop a fragrance by marrying art and science. Beyond all the rhetoric and narrative characteristic of perfume descriptions, these fragrances perform rather well once sprayed on the skin. Up to date there are seven perfumes: Ambrosine (the first perfume of the brand), White Plumage, Lullaby, Francine, Envoutant, Fleurdenya and Page 29 -a very suggestive name.



Like for any other scent in this industry, the flask plays a key role on the acceptance; in fact, flasks are so important that they are actually designed according to the spirit of the fragrance. For Francesca dell´Oro, flasks were designed by the Sonia Pedrazzini Design Atelier, and they emulate a faceted jewel on one side and have a soft, round finishing on the other. Already in the air du temps, Francesca dell´Oro perfumes begin their journey.


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