Margherita – trattoria

by Abdon FLORES

Italian food is probably the most broadly expanded cuisine around the world, the secret to that success is simple: uncomplicated yet tasty dishes. And even if it would seem that a new pizzeria or a new Italian restaurant could be just irrelevant, there is always that expectation of rediscovering its cuisine and atmosphere. Margherita opened a few months ago right where the Pub St. Germain used to be; its 900 m² are a strong reason to enter and enjoy a slice of pizza, since as the restaurant motto states: « In pizza we trust ».



Margherita was conceived by interior designer Laura Gonzales -who also designed the Brasserie d´Auteuil- and the owner of the place, Thierry Bourdoncle. Three floors to organize a typical trattoria seem quite a hard job to do; nonetheless, Ms. Gonzales searched all the flea markets and videgreniers to find the right items for the décor. The result is just astonishing, a movie set for an old Italian film where warm, tasty food is served. And to push the experience beyond, there are many bespoke furniture pieces to make this restaurant really unique.



The ambience will always be important for an eating place, it´s actually one third of its success, but the other two thirds lie simply on food. At Margherita there is a wide selection of antipasti, pizzas and pasta prepared in a traditional way; this might sound simple but of course, to achieve simple dishes can be quite a challenge. Also, the place has that important, difficult to find ingredient while eating: conviviality. Margherita provides a kids dedicated area and three rather intimate, private alcoves for business meetings, to prove that here everybody is welcomed.



17 rue de l´Ancienne Comedie 75016 Paris.

Open 08:00-02:00

+33 156 81 13 13