Bol d’air Jacquier

Holiste is a French brand whose products aim human well-being as a whole, with an approach of eco-conception and sustainable development. One of its more interesting products is the so called Bol d´air Jacquier, an invention that improves cellular oxygenation in a simple and natural way. Invented by chemist René Jacquier (1911-2010), the goal of this invention is not to inhale more oxygen but to optimize its use by cells.


Usually we forget how important oxygen is for our health because we take it for granted. In fact, a good cell oxygenation can promote a self-healing process, a fact that Mr. Jacquier defines as bio-catalytic oxygenation. Modern life has modified the environment in such a way that air quality has diminished, rendering the 21% of oxygen in it less available. To fight this hypoxia it´s mandatory raising oxygen bio-disponibility in the blood, i.e. a good oxygen carrier which helps hemoglobin.

Here lies the secret of Bol d´air Jacquier: α and β pinenes, a type of terpenes found in sea pine. This unsaturated substance becomes an excellent carrier once in the blood by coupling with hemoglobin. The Oresine®, rich in pinenes, is nebulized by this artifact and then breathed by the user. Two models of Bol d´air Jacquier are available, the Aéro (in the image), used in spas and thermal stations or even clinics, and the Tonic, for a simplified, home use. A recommended 2-7 minutes breathing for the Aéro, and 3-15 minutes for the Tonic, will suffice to send enough oxygen into the cells.

The effects of a better cell oxygenation can be dramatic since it has been observed a decrease of free radicals while using the Bol d´air Jacquier. It also shows a positive effect on weight control, sportive performance, chronic fatigue and stress. So, acting at a molecular level a rather inane molecule like oxygen can yield astonishing results through this new invention.


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