Suntory whiskies at andy wahloo

by Abdon FLORES

The name Andy Wahloo is not only a catchy name evoking the famous Slovak artist, it´s one of the most interesting places for mixology in Paris too. Knowing that, the Japanese brand Suntory decided to entrust their whiskies to Kaled Derouiche, bartender of the place. So, during July three cocktails imagined by Mr. Derouiche will be available using Yamazaki, Hakushu or Hibiki whisky.

Whiskies are rather associated with Scotland or Ireland and not with a far land like Japan. Nonetheless, there is a great tradition involving this spirit in the Japanese islands. Suntory, for instance, was founded in 1899, and it produces single malt spirits since 1923, being the most well known the three whiskies aforementioned. They develop subtle, refined and complex flavors; this quality has been awarded by the International Spirit Challenge in London four times already.



The cocktails proposed at the Andy Wahloo are fresh and rich in Japanese traditions. “Summer romance” is a very summery cocktail blending Yamazaki whisky with keffire lime infused sake, jasmine nectar, almond syrup, algae and shiso. A meagre carpaccio combines perfectly with this cocktail. “Japanese garden” is served in a Japanese tea cup and it uses the premium whisky Hibiki with cassis liquor, elderberry liquor and apple juice; fresh blackberries and orange blossom give a tonic note. It could be tasted with a foie gras maccaron-framboise gelée.

The “Hakushu old fashioned” mixes Japanese beer reduced with yuzu, sprayed with bitters of coriander, grapefruit and shiso leaves (the Japanese basilic). The exotic bitterness of this cocktail can be accompanied by a yuzu bovine tartar and duck breast sprinkkled with alfalfa sprouts. All the entrees proposed were imagined by Le Derrière, the splendid restaurant in the backyard of the Andy Wahloo.


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