Charlotte Le Bon – Cinema Gallery

The Cinema gallery in Le Marais is a site devoted to the influence that movies have on art nowadays. It was created by movie producer Anne-Dominique Toussaint whose interest on art has taken her to propose art exhibitions very related with the so called 7th Art.

The new exhibition just opened on September 9th and will see French-Canadian actress Charlotte Le Bon deploy her talent on this specialized art gallery. “One bedroom hotel on the moon” will be the first exhibition of Ms. Le Bon in France. Known by her roles on films like Yves Saint Laurent or more recently The Walks, her art world deals in technique with drawing and graphic design.




The influence that street art has exerted on her is evident on the unreal worlds exhuming a good dose of humor, a characteristic in the work of young artists. A trail of an imaginary film, Modern monster, is screened in the movies room of the gallery. The exhibition will be opened until November the 4th., 26, Rue Saint Claude 75003 PARIS

Photos: © Julien Lienard