Promenade pour un objet d’exception

by Abdon FLORES

The Comité Montaigne represents a panoply of luxury and fashion brands, those installed in Avenue Montaigne and rue François 1er. It is said that the angle formed by this streets is probably the best shopping area in the world due the high concentration of maisons de couture and luxe. Well, the event “Promenade pour un Objet d’Exception” celebrates this. Every participating firm shows an exceptional item that proves why they deserve to be in this opulent zone.



Brands tend to show the best of their savoir faire when exposing to the world. For instance, Balenciaga presents a remarkable dress created by its new artistic director Demna Gvasalia; the piece sculpts the silhouette emphasizing the outline of the hips. Cartier exhibits a unique chess set featuring iconic figures of the company; the board is crafted in white marble, birch and sycamore while the pieces are in ceramic.



A new version of the iconic bag for Princess Diana is Dior’s contribution. Korean artist Ran Hwang covered it with red buttons to produce a singular pattern of beauty. The Italian brand Loro Piana honors its raw material, baby cashmere, the finest of the world coming from Mongolia. Jimmy Choo and Louis Vuitton also dignify their core items: shoes and trunks, respectively; while Parfums Caron and Givenchy opted to visit other creative universes: an haute couture dress and face jewellery.



During a week, these treasures will be the magical objects in every one of the partaking houses, time enough to admire, one by one, these truly objets d’exception.