Moismont F/W 2016

The history of Moismont is the history of French heritage and its expression in contemporary life. Specialized in scarves and accessories alike, the brand’s name comes from a family domain settled in Picardie, where memories from far away childhood and merry friend gatherings come together to evocate the spirit of the times.



There is also a clin d’oeil to an exotic land like India, a country with a vast tradition on scarf making and chromatic combination. This know-how has been adopted by Moismont –as was put by Martine Byvoet who founded the brand in 2012– to produce a high quality, smart and authentic item to be embraced and cherished.

For the fall/winter 2016 scarves are made on wool, silk and cashmere. What really distinguishes Moismont from any other brand is the research to find the right balance in terms of shape, colour and material. In the cross of geometry, abstractionism and evocations, lies the narrative of the brand.



The superb dying, weaving and printing techniques guarantee high quality pieces. A fact appreciated for scarf addicts who see in Moismont a sign of distinction. Every model is numbered and has a certificate of authenticity and quality control.

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