Rochas S/S 2017

Rochas’ new summer collection juxtaposes and overlaps dense blocks of contrasting colors. Yellow, sky blue, mandarin, lilac and green are the dominating hues that Italian designer Alessandro dell’Acqua chose to present for this vitaminated fashion show.



The glorious tailoring of the forties is back in the lines, volumes and silhouettes of every creation. So, fabrics had to play a key role; in fact, they are rather sumptuous and opulent. Most of the pieces break the boundaries between daywear and eveningwear, thus the idea of lightness was on the podium.



As is always the case with Rochas, accessories provide the punctuation: platform sandals with wooden soles and sling-back straps are lit up with colourful ribbons, or adorned with fabrics from the collection (jacquard and dévoré). A juvenile allure, even if inspired in the past, that continues to rejuvenate this already legendary brand.

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