Sweet Paris 2016

by Abdon FLORES

Since 2015, the French-Spanish brand Sweet Paris has made many women happy with its jewelry. The minimalist style proposed by the brand’s creator Sylvain Roy, and the solid support of Facet Group, has resulted in a plus since women just adore it. New pieces for 2016 maintain the Sweet Paris spirit: hand crafted diamonds, pink or white 18K gold and a ludic aspect that allows combining the pieces to create a new one.



Discreet yet striking, most of the pieces have a soul that develops its charm once wore. Earrings, necklaces, rings, all the pieces are hand crafted. Their lucid conception can be seen in the new Duo ring collection, made to be combined with a second ring in order to make a new different jewel on the fingers. Navette, Pincesse, Ovale, Poire, Ronde… all sorts of diamond shapes find a place in Sweet Paris archives. Remember: a diamond is forever.




More info: www.sweetparis.fr