Maya – ville d’avray

by Abdon FLORES

A new restaurant in town is always good news, particularly if it specializes in something exotic like “Latin-American” cuisine revisited by a young French chef. Well, this is the case in Maya, a restaurant that just opened before summer and that, accordingly to his owner Enrique Solano, “is having a great success in this little village.” He’s talking of Ville d’Avray, a suburban town south of Paris, famous mainly because there was born the cult writer Boris Vian.

In this rather calm town of Île-de-France, one almost forgets that noisy Paris is just at 10 minutes. Here we are midway from Versailles and its huge woods. Actually the town is engulfed by woods. But the place is rather well located for businesses like Maya to develop. Mr. Solano has Colombian origins which allow him to feel comfortable in opening such kind of restaurant. Besides, he’s not a newcomer, he had already knew success with a first restaurant in Boulogne, Plantxa, where the already well known chef Juan Arbelaes (Top Chef Reality show), was in charge.



Now the kitchen is ruled by Eloi Spinnler who studied in Ferrandi and worked afterwards at Plaza Athenée and The Dorchester in London. He spent some months at Plantxa before becoming head chef at Maya. “I decided to cook Latino American dishes because in Plantxa I felt in love with this cuisine. My favorite dish to prepare is ceviche, because you can change either sauce or fish every time.” Since the opening of Maya, 31 different ceviches have been created. He’s also a passionate for pastry and his idol chef is Jocelyn Herland, the chef that conquered the third star Michelin for The Dorchester and the second star for Le Meurice this year.

So, what’s in the menu that keeps people coming to Maya every day? Not a big secret: quality, good service, fair price and that special condiment that good food has to conquer people. Clients in a restaurant will come back because they’ll remember the taste of something they like. Taste is a profound sense, it will remain in your memory for a while, if not forever. The restaurant can accommodate up to 36 people in a rather cozy place, where a central table is surrounded by eight smaller ones. Dishware is distinguished by a turquoise color with green brims. The wine selection includes only international wines, not French, a good choice for a small town.




The menu changes every week, there are always three entries, four main courses, one cheese and two desserts. The Crock’MAYA, chicken breast over cereal bread, grilled vegetables and Asian sauce, is the restaurant’s signature dish so it’s always available. Ceviche, of course, is recommended as well as the good offer of wines, like Benchmark, a Shiraz red wine from Australia. Maya is open from Tuesday through Saturday, 12:30-14:30 and 19:30-21:30.

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