LG Signature

LG has just launched a new concept that involves design, grandeur and performance on their icon products. LG Signature line features streamlined and refined pieces that could actually resemble modern art objects. The truth is that they have a double purpose: performance and décor.




A TV set with a screen measuring one inch width and which base is a high quality speaker. A refrigerator made completely on stainless steel and with a transparent glass door. A washing machine and an air purifier looking actually as a space lunar module and a robot respectively are part or this new adventure undertaken by the Korean company.



In order to discover and see these products, LG opened an ephemeral gallery adjacent to Centre Georges Pompidou. Named “The Art of Essence”, this sort of interactive exhibition deploys these four home appliances in order for the people to get in touch with them and their really advanced technology. The LG Signature appliances are definitely high-end products, thought no only to perform but to grace your home.



More info: www.lg.com