Tigre blanc vodka

There are not many spirits brands really involved with a cause. For the French vodka Tigre Blanc this is not the case since its name was not randomly chosen. The brand was created back in 2012, and since then, a sales percentage of the product goes to the fund “Save the Tiger” in order to preserve this Asian endangered species. This is already a good excuse to taste an outstanding vodka…

Two grades of the vodka are available. The Classic comes in a white, icy bottle; it’s a five distillations spirit, ideal for cocktails and rated as an in-between category product. On the other hand, the Tigre Blanc Vodka Premium comes in a golden bottle, the color of the Royal tiger. This is clearly superior vodka, with a sixth distillation in a traditional alembic that makes the difference. It’s recommended to try it pure or with ice. Rich flavors develop immediately: malt, fine spices, licorice. Both bottles, by the way, are inspired from the magnificent Asian and Oriental palaces, a symbolic kingdom for a white tiger.

An exclusive for France, Tigre Blanc is available only in Lavinia, Prunier and www.urban-drinks.fr