Gemini family – Italian food

by Abdon FLORES

Probably the most successful cuisine around the World is the Italian; the reason is simple: it’s the only one that has managed to democratize its dishes, pasta or a good pizza both can convince either street people or gourmet purists. In fact, the truth is that Italian food is simple yet tasty and attiring, all of them key factors behind the blossom of Italian restaurants.

For Julian Zanon and his wife Julia this aspect was rather clear. Taking as an emblem his zodiac sign, Mr. and Ms. Zanon decided to found in 2012 Gemini Family, an Italian restaurant in the Vaneau area (6th district). A business born with a good star since a second restaurant has just opened in March this year, Gemini Family – Les Halles, and a couple more are about to open early 2017.



Now, to reproduce a local cuisine the best is having original products in the kitchen. Gemini Family Les Halles for sure provides that –Bufala mozzarella and pasta for instance– but it also can afford a cook from Puglia, the homeland of the owner and of other staff members. And suddenly there you have a small piece of Italy just downtown Paris! This rather new Italian spot can accommodate up to 80 people; during summer it has a few tables outside. The facility can be privatized and many layouts configured for any kind of meetings.

But the real deal at Gemini Family Les Halles is the food. If looking for a good Italian with reasonable prices, this is a right choice. The menu changes every three months accordingly to the seasons. For those going simple, there is a well assorted pizza menu with all the classics: Regina, Bianca, Siciliana… Also, a starter may be enough if in a hurry; the assorted fried vegetables can substitute any veggie dish, while a Secondo Piato can make the deal of a good lunch.




Be prepared for pasta since a nice surprise awaits the clients. If short pasta like fusilli is chosen, it will be served in a copper pan, an appealing option that fulfills the identity of a traditional cuisine. Albeit this vernacular presentation, fusilli with homemade pesto and pinions is a must try dish. Like many Italian restaurants in Paris, Gemini stands for Italian wines. And this is a bold and smart choice in the country of wine, for good wines from abroad will always be welcomed here. There are almost all the regions in the menu though only red wines are proposed.



Gemini Family Les Halles is very well located, right in 1st district, or it can be reached through Deliveroo too. New Gemini Family restaurants will be in the 17th district and in Saint-Ouen, to give a larger offer for Parisians. More info and reservations: