Giambattista Valli – haute couture ss17

by Abdon FLORES

Giambattista Valli is one of those designers, like Galliano or Gaultier, who were born to design couture. He has the right touch to create beautiful dresses which will look breathtaking not only due to the high standards haute couture demands but for the idea of the dress itself. Of course, couture is like living in a universe where day to day problems like taking the subway at rush hours or catching a cab under the rain simply do not exist. It’s a world of fantasy. And such are the outfits Mr. Valli sends to the runway.



For this season the Roman designer implied a female traveler, an elegant, sophisticated one that goes across the world dressed in an immaculate way. A jetsetter for sure. One of the constant elements on some garments are the flowers, flora detailed to a botanical grade, they shine as a symbol of femininity and a sort of pristine elegance. Models were shoed with sandals to justify the aspect of travel and to fit with such sort of Mediterranean dresses.

On the other hand, the complete opposite: the ball gown. It seems that ball gowns are back in these times of tycoons and billionaires. Mr. Valli knows quite well how to fold tulle to make an amazing, kind of flowerish effect, out of a garment. Opulence is a right adjective to describe some of the cocktails dresses that illuminated the rooms of the French National Archives at the beginning of the couture week. For Giamba, as he is known, this was another high score on his brilliant, solo career, a trajectory which is en route to collide with a high maison de couture.



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