Ziad Nakad – couture ss17

by Abdon FLORES

During the haute couture week in Paris, there are some couture shows taking place in many of the fancy venues akin to this high fashion style. In fact, it is thanks to the couturiers and their shows that such a métier as haut couture is still alive; they’re the seed that will blossom in a marvelous flower some time in the future. Lebanese designer Ziad Nakad is one of these prospects in the nursery of fashion.



Butterflies of paradise might seem an obvious title for a couture collection; nevertheless, it works as far as the concept becomes reality in the final garments. According to Mr. Nakad, “laser cutting, three–dimensional shapes and sophisticated insertion of embroidery are a reminiscent of the butterfly structure and its extreme delicacy.” Be it!, since Lepidoptera are more or less that according to its meaning in Greek: wings made out of scales. Many of the dresses had indeed the appearance of malleable butterfly’s wings, certain fluidity that communicated an ethereal aspect.



Most of the looks in the lineup were high in shine and folds, clearly targeting a clientele ready to attend aristocracy balls. The bridal gown with which the show ended, was pure haute couture, the dream of every single woman on this planet. Yards of fabric, pounds of Swaroskis, and lots, but really lots of work to close Mr. Nakad second couture collection. In fact, no one at the Westin was indifferent to this newcomer’s exploits.


More info: www.ziadnakar.com