giambattista valli – FW17

by Abdon FLORES

The three looks behind define pretty well what Giambattista Valli desires for women on Earth. Along the years he has become an expert, probably the expert, of the cocktail dress. Fluidity, elegance, sexiness, appeal, quality… every single attribute that such garment must have, Mr. Valli is able to master it and sublimate it to render cocktail time an unforgettable moment for anyone: the dressed woman and those around her. Notably, his FW17 collection is another checked box in his achievements archive while working, this time, on one French basic: the little black dress.




Being independent in the fashion world has many pros but one huge con: money. Mr. Valli has dealt well with this algid aspect such to deliver, season after season, strong, desirable, beautiful collections that have enabled him to continue his adventure in this merciless environment. This season is spiced by some clins d’oeuil to a sexy, even pervert, universe that is perfectly blended and assimilated in most of the looks. Fake corsets made of dentelle, open-toed lace-up boots, Nike leggings were elements alienated to render them sophisticated. For Mr. Valli femininity is a commandment, almost a rule while designing, and it was not this time that he broke it.



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