Une olive en Provence

Molecules are treasures when it concerns beauty products; and if the molecule is a natural one, it is then a precious finding. That’s the case of squalene, a naturally occurring lipid that is a key factor to preserve the human skin lipid layer. Well, it happens that this organic compound is abundant in olives. By 2007, a young couple of French entrepreneurs, Annabel and Jean-Baptiste Quenin, decided to take a chance in Organic chemistry and cosmetics and launched a brand: Une Olive en Provence.



After ten years, this Provencal project has become a solid business whose products are very appreciated in the luxury sector. Quality and performance are the main keys for such a success. Despite the name –Une Olive en Provence–, it’s not only the olive fruit that is used in the manufacturing process. The olive flower, treated through the Bach flowers method, yields relaxing and purifying extracts. Moreover, tree leaves are rich in antioxidants substances like vitamin E while olive oil is a strong skin nutrient.

The brand has a very complete line of beauty products that range from simple and classical olive oil soap to a performing anti-ageing facial cream. Hair balm, body lotion, facial cream, body scrub, exfoliating facial cream, massage oil… you name it, the beauty product of your choice might be in the catalog of this French brand whose high quality is conquering luxury hotels and Spas.



More info: www.uneoliveenprovence.com