Pinel & Pinel

Since they were invented, trunks have been part of humankind history. Not a surprise that these containers of dreams merited a premium appearance, especially in France where style is a major manifestation of life and culture. The brand Pinel & Pinel has understood well the potential that a design trunk can achieve not only among clients but on collectors and mere amateurs.



Fred Pinel founded the brand in 2004 with the spirit of creating an object of desire, a luxury item with a clearly functional aspect. In the search of originality, Pinel & Pinel achieved a balance between elegance and technology. Henceforth, the brand specializes in customized trunks and bags. The fact that precious items can be kept and exhibited in smart continents has opened unlimited possibilities for Mr. Pinel creations.

A piece by Pinel & Pinel is a collection of details, not a surprise that up to 1300 hours of work are needed to finish one. In luxury, the bespoken aspect is strongly present; so, the brand has made singular trunks like the one ordered by the Park Hyatt: a leather trunk for around 1000 cigars that incorporates a humidifier and lateral doors for fine spirits. The bestselling piece is, awkwardly, the so called Arcade Trunk, which is an 80’s video game box masterfully transformed in a luxury item.


Pinel et Pinel Boutique Rue Royale 6

Pinel & Pinel, 22 rue Royale.


Champagne sets, watches, pliable bicycles, jewels, dresses, large screens, computers… all these articles have been the excuse for Pinel & Pinel to develop concepts of design and conceive marvelous trunks of the 21st century.

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