Au Pays de la Fleur d’Oranger

Perfumes are as old as civilization; in ancient Egypt there were already scents to enhance one’s personality and other people’s desire. Not a surprise that a full industry developed around the art of perfumery, fact that also brought the will of having a personal scent, a private perfume to match with oneself. Small perfume brands were born due to this fact, brands that despite the wild concurrence have managed not only to survive but to prevail.

Au Pays de la Fleur d’Oranger (APFO) belongs to this category. Founded in 1998 by Virginie Roux, the brand takes advantage of its location: Grasse, the epicenter of floriculture in France. What was born as a modest project –to preserve an old savoir faire– has developed today into a niche perfume brand appreciated by its quality products that comprise not only perfumes but also scented candles, cosmetics, soaps, creams and oils. Jean-Claude Gigodot is the perfumer, assisted by Philippe Constantin and Nathalie Feisthauer.



Haute parfumerie is clearly a recognizable concept in APFO. Design flasks, unique scents and limited editions can be found in the three collections proposed by the brand. Les Inédits, for instance, is a fair declination of flower aromas: Violette sacrée, Tubereuse rosée or Jasmin rêve are some of these delicate fragrances that use only flowers from Provence. Another line is Neroli blanc; based on neroli, it comprises four perfumes playing with the intensity of this mythical flower. The novelty for this year is Eau de Virginie, a fresh perfume based on mimosa, gardenia and sandalwood, that takes its name from the brand’s founder.



Eau de Parfum Violette sacr+â-®e

It must be said that APFO fragrances are locally produced, with a high degree of sustainability and eco responsability. They can be found in specialized places like Sens unique, Babel Concept Store or the Hotel Lancaster. More info: