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Integrall Poly-Technic

by Abdon FLORES For almost 40 years dermatologist Didier Rase has  researched and developed products for men’s skin. In fact, if masculine cosmetology exists it is mostly due to him. With a  solid… Continue reading

Une olive en Provence

Molecules are treasures when it concerns beauty products; and if the molecule is a natural one, it is then a precious finding. That’s the case of squalene, a naturally occurring lipid that is… Continue reading

Kami – divine body nectar

March 2017 will see the arrival of a new Perlanesse product: Kami, a body nectar with moisturizing, tensing and volume reducing properties. After ten years, Bimont Laboratories have been successful to position mother… Continue reading

Spa Sisley Baumanière

by Abdon FLORES The Sisley Spa at Baumanière is a high level facility that assures a fulfilling experience in the domain of Oustau de Baumanière. The French brand Sisley is reputed not only… Continue reading

Quinton sea water

  by Abdon FLORES Sea water has been a fundamental factor for life on this planet. Diluted on it there are the key elements that made possible life in all the forms we… Continue reading

La Crème

The Rose de Granville is the key ingredient of Dior Prestige, a wild rose capable of withstanding the harsh seaside climate while maintaining its exquisite beauty. It blooms in the Loire Valley, a… Continue reading

Mission Perfection Serum by Clarins

by Abdon FLORES One of the late discoveries regarding skin decay is the so called “exosomes”. They are cell messengers acting in the system of intercellular communication that is the skin. Clarins along… Continue reading

Perlanesse – Bio cosmetics

by Abdón FLORES Perlanesse is a new brand in the field of high luxury cosmetics. Launched by Bimont Laboratories, the main feature of these bio certified cosmetics is their composition since they utilize… Continue reading