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Good France / Goût de France

by Abdon FLORES When you say French cuisine you’re absolutely dealing with a major subject: the fact that gastronomy plays a leading role in French society. The reputation this minor art has reached… Continue reading

Chilam – Gastrobar

by Abdon FLORES When UNESCO decided in 2010 to include Mexican cuisine in the Intangible Cultural Heritage, it was not only paying homage to this worldwide known gastronomy, but contributing to enhance its… Continue reading

Secret 8 – Speakeasy

by Abdon FLORES The Buddha Bar is almost an institution around the world, a concept created by Finnish entrepreneur and former model Tarja Visan. Well, 2017 just saw a succesful venture between Ms. Visan and Mareva Essia,… Continue reading

French pâttiserie

by Abdon FLORES When you say France you say Gastronomy, almost always. The coined French expression Art de vivre finds in food a high peak of pleasure; a pleasure that defines a life… Continue reading

Gemini family – Italian food

by Abdon FLORES Probably the most successful cuisine around the World is the Italian; the reason is simple: it’s the only one that has managed to democratize its dishes, pasta or a good… Continue reading

L’Oustau de Baumanière

by Abdon FLORES There are no good or bad names for restaurants, there are simply good or bad restaurants. In order to distinguish and categorize them one must have tried both, good and… Continue reading

Tigre blanc vodka

There are not many spirits brands really involved with a cause. For the French vodka Tigre Blanc this is not the case since its name was not randomly chosen. The brand was created… Continue reading

Maya – ville d’avray

by Abdon FLORES A new restaurant in town is always good news, particularly if it specializes in something exotic like “Latin-American” cuisine revisited by a young French chef. Well, this is the case… Continue reading

la cabro d’or – baumanière

by Abdon FLORES It will always be a pleasure to find a good restaurant in areas where nobody expects to find even good roads. Well, such is the case in Les Baux-de-Provence, a… Continue reading

2016 edition

by Abdon FLORES The Grand Tasting is back in town. Since 2005, late November has been the date chosen by Bettane+Desseauve (b+d) to gather in Paris a noticeable selection of wines from allover… Continue reading