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InterContinental Marceau

by Abdón FLORES When in Paris, or in any other major city, accommodation is a key factor. A good location is a circumstance a hotel must have in order to be well ranked.… Continue reading


Indonesia is that huge archipel in Southeastern Asia that recalls images of exotic landscapes and a promise of adventure in one of its many islands. In fact, this country hosts so many cultures… Continue reading

Le grand bleu

by Abdon FLORES Just a few Celsius degrees above 15 and a blue sky are the go signals for Parisians to run to the closest terrace for spare time. The options are certainly… Continue reading

Ensuite – modern fast food

Healthy food has been a trend in the last decade; the more our society copes with the future, the more attention we seem to pay to the environment and personal health. Organic, detox,… Continue reading

Melt – Batignolles

Melt restaurants are specialized in smoked, Texan style barbecue, somewhat rather weird if you take into account that founders are Canadian entrepreneur Alexander Smith and young “Pitmaster” Douglas Herrera. The new venue in… Continue reading

Le Nymphée – Auvers-sur-Oise

by Abdon FLORES Ancient French castles are singular monuments in rural France, an expresion of the rich culture and deep traditions this country has. All over the territory there are many exemples of… Continue reading

Good France / Goût de France

by Abdon FLORES When you say French cuisine you’re absolutely dealing with a major subject: the fact that gastronomy plays a leading role in French society. The reputation this minor art has reached… Continue reading

Chilam – Gastrobar

by Abdon FLORES When UNESCO decided in 2010 to include Mexican cuisine in the Intangible Cultural Heritage, it was not only paying homage to this worldwide known gastronomy, but contributing to enhance its… Continue reading

Secret 8 – Speakeasy

by Abdon FLORES The Buddha Bar is almost an institution around the world, a concept created by Finnish entrepreneur and former model Tarja Visan. Well, 2017 just saw a succesful venture between Ms. Visan and Mareva Essia,… Continue reading

French pâttiserie

by Abdon FLORES When you say France you say Gastronomy, almost always. The coined French expression Art de vivre finds in food a high peak of pleasure; a pleasure that defines a life… Continue reading