Quinton sea water

  by Abdon FLORES Sea water has been a fundamental factor for life on this planet. Diluted on it there are the key elements that made possible life in all the forms we… Continue reading

Rochas resort 2017

The Rochas Resort 2017 collection is out of the closet and it deals mainly with the concept of Tropic. The memory of an exotic flower, the souvenir of a voyage printed on clothes… Continue reading

Black G vodka

Spirits are gaining adepts in a usually wine country like France. This trend is due mainly to the fact that French people love to experience when it comes to food and beverages; they… Continue reading

Bercy by Robert Doisneau

by Abdon FLORES Black and white photos of Paris are a classic; it’s almost sure that you have seen at least one in your life. Well, one of the photographers who recorded Paris… Continue reading

“Pink” by Lisa Roze

by Abdon FLORES Lisa Roze is a French photographer who has been working on portraits mainly. Former assistant of Paolo Roversi, it’s not surprising that his work deals in a certain extent with… Continue reading

waiting for the sun

by Abdon FLORES Created a few years ago, the French brand Waiting for the sun is a precursor of glasses with wooden frames which has become quickly known and appreciated. While we are… Continue reading


High luxury perfumes are a must in everybody’s toilette, especially in men’s wanting exclusivity and a much refined allure. One of the players in this niche of cult perfumes is the French brand… Continue reading

The auction of La Tour d’Argent

by Abdon FLORES A particular auction took place on May the 10th in Paris: the famous restaurant La Tour d’Argent put up for sale 3000 objects comprising 100 pre-Revolution bottles, tableware, furniture, ornaments,… Continue reading

Le Winelab

by Abdón FLORES The third edition of Le Winelab is ready to conquer Paris. On May 30th the Carreau du Temple will honor during 8 hours a special selection of nectars made by… Continue reading