Spa Sisley Baumanière

by Abdon FLORES The Sisley Spa at Baumanière is a high level facility that assures a fulfilling experience in the domain of Oustau de Baumanière. The French brand Sisley is reputed not only… Continue reading

2016 edition

by Abdon FLORES The Grand Tasting is back in town. Since 2005, late November has been the date chosen by Bettane+Desseauve (b+d) to gather in Paris a noticeable selection of wines from allover… Continue reading

Sweet Paris 2016

by Abdon FLORES Since 2015, the French-Spanish brand Sweet Paris has made many women happy with its jewelry. The minimalist style proposed by the brand’s creator Sylvain Roy, and the solid support of… Continue reading

Rochas S/S 2017

Rochas’ new summer collection juxtaposes and overlaps dense blocks of contrasting colors. Yellow, sky blue, mandarin, lilac and green are the dominating hues that Italian designer Alessandro dell’Acqua chose to present for this… Continue reading

L’Inconnu gastronomical restaurant

by Abdon FLORES L’Inconnu – Restaurant Italien is this kind of isolate, discrete restaurant that keeps inside a great treasure. Even if it just opened in November 2015, the place has grown such… Continue reading

Moismont F/W 2016

The history of Moismont is the history of French heritage and its expression in contemporary life. Specialized in scarves and accessories alike, the brand’s name comes from a family domain settled in Picardie,… Continue reading

Giambattista Valli SS 17

It is well known that Giambattista Valli has a preference to dress jet-setters. Since he left Ungaro a decade ago he’s been in that orbit, conquering his clientele with a close approach to… Continue reading

Viva Mexico Film Festival

by Abdon FLORES The Mexican cinema will have for the 4th straight year a festival in Paris. During a week, Parisians will have the opportunity to see a selection of Mexican films and… Continue reading

Les Étoiles Mercedes-Benz

by Abdon FLORES It’s been already 20 years that Mercedes-Benz is involved in the fashion universe. It all began with the Australian fashion week in 1996, a collaboration that has been growing through… Continue reading

Whisky Live 2016

by Abdon FLORES Whisky Live is an international event that deploys a vast effort to enlighten whisky in the main capitals of the world. In 13 years, Paris has become the Whisky Live… Continue reading