Whisky Live 2016

by Abdon FLORES Whisky Live is an international event that deploys a vast effort to enlighten whisky in the main capitals of the world. In 13 years, Paris has become the Whisky Live… Continue reading

Promenade pour un objet d’exception

by Abdon FLORES The Comité Montaigne represents a panoply of luxury and fashion brands, those installed in Avenue Montaigne and rue François 1er. It is said that the angle formed by this streets… Continue reading

Matsuri – 30 years

by Abdon FLORES In Japanese the word matsuri means festival, it implies a convivial gathering among friends to celebrate either in the streets or around a table. The idea of this joy is… Continue reading

The constellation diamond

The Swiss jewellery firm de Grisogono has just announced the acquisition of The Constellation, the world’s most expensive rough diamond. The purchase represents a ground-breaking moment for the company in its journey to become one… Continue reading

Charlotte Le Bon – Cinema Gallery

The Cinema gallery in Le Marais is a site devoted to the influence that movies have on art nowadays. It was created by movie producer Anne-Dominique Toussaint whose interest on art has taken… Continue reading


Valrhona is a French, premium chocolate brand existing since 1922. Located in Tain l´Hermitage (Rhône Valley), it searches and grows the rarest cacaos around the world. The firm specializes in exceptional cacaos and… Continue reading

Suntory whiskies at andy wahloo

by Abdon FLORES The name Andy Wahloo is not only a catchy name evoking the famous Slovak artist, it´s one of the most interesting places for mixology in Paris too. Knowing that, the… Continue reading

Bol d’air Jacquier

Holiste is a French brand whose products aim human well-being as a whole, with an approach of eco-conception and sustainable development. One of its more interesting products is the so called Bol d´air… Continue reading

Margherita – trattoria

by Abdon FLORES Italian food is probably the most broadly expanded cuisine around the world, the secret to that success is simple: uncomplicated yet tasty dishes. And even if it would seem that… Continue reading

Francesca dell’Oro Parfums

Francesca dell´Oro is a new perfume brand niched in the so called cult perfumes. According with the brand creator, these fragrances are to be “interpreted, elegant, unusual, and able to magnify the connection… Continue reading