Salon millèsime 2006

Bouteille Salon 2006R

by Abdon FLORES

Champagne Salon is one of those singularities only French oenology can deliver. Reputed by its great millésimes, this Le Mesnil brand has just released the nectar produced in 2006. This vintage –as all the Salon production– is 100 % chardonnay, harvested in one region, Côte des Blancs, and from one vineyard Le-Mesnil-sur-Oger.

Weather is always the risky variable in the wine making equation. Despite some alerts early August, year 2006 was a rather good one in the Champagne region. Grapes rendered a fine juice to be transformed in this delicacy named Salon 2006 Le Romantique. Before the taste, it is actually advised allow the opened bottle to breath for a while. Then, the poetry of translating the tasting into words begins.

Fine bubbles as a rosary of harmonies; clear body of silvery color with silver-greenish reflections; flower notes, citric zest, slightly toasted brioche; autumnal notes develop eventually: fresh almonds, praline, dried apricot, yellow ripe fruits… Only then can be discovered its flawless structure. The moderate acidity guarantees a life of up to 30 years in the cellar

Salon 2006 (bottle): 390 €

Salon 2006 (magnum): 850 €


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